Motsy H.

These 3 guys that are really good friends decide to go out together one night to the whore-house for blow-jobs. One is rich, one is middle-class, one is poor. They go in and the mistress greets them at the door. "How can I help you fine gentlemen?" One says, "We want blow-jobs done. How much do they cost?" She replies, "Well, we have levels of how good you can get it, there's a $10 job, a $30 job, and a $50 job." The poor guy says, "I'll go first then...I want a $10 job." So she takes him in the back room, and when he comes out he has a huge smile on his face. The other guys ask, "What'd she do? What'd she do?" "Oh, it was great. She put whipped cream all over me and sucked me dry." So the middle-class guy goes next, and gets the $30 job. When he comes out he also has a huge smile on his face. The guys ask, "What'd she do?" "Oh, it was wonderful! She put whipped cream and nuts on me, then she nibbled and sucked me dry!" So the rich guy is all excited, he decides to get the $50 job. She takes him in the back room, and when he comes back out he's all hunched over and groaning in pain. "Help me!" he cries. So the two friends grab him to keep him from falling over and say, "What happened? What's wrong with you?" "Oh it was terrible," he moaned. "It started out so good...she put whipped cream and chocolate and nuts on me...ugh! Ouch..." "Yeah? And then what?" They looked at him eagerly. "Damn thing looked so good I tried to eat it myself!"

funniness: 7.29

rating: R