Felicia R.

One day a blonde went to a bar and said what a great day she had and ordered a beer. As she got drunk a man walked in and asked if she was a prostitute. She said what the hell and made $300 off of it. The next day she went back to the bar and got drunk again. Another guy walked in and took her home and fucked the night away with her. She screwed him like she had never screwed anyone before but she couldn't tell that because she was drunk. The next day she went home and played her messages. One of them was her dad and he wanted to speak to her. She went to her parents' house and started to talk to her dad. He said, "I know what you have been doing lately. Why?" She said, "How did you know that I was doing that?" He said, "Your brother came home last night. He said he saw you in a bar and asked you if you wanted a ride home. You blurted out $300. So he took you home and you started getting hot and heavy with him. He didn't care. After all you are a beutiful blonde. There is just one thing." She said, "What's that daddy?" "Well before you did your brother you did your son. So when's my turn?"

funniness: 4.75

rating: R