Gia L.

One day a man was walking in New York looking at all of the sights. He was amazed at how bright the christmas tree was and then he was suddenly transported into someone else's body. He was at a bar, so he decided to find out who he was now. The man next to him was drinking heavily, and so the man decided to ask him about who he was. "What was I just saying to you before buddy?" he asks. "Oh, Joe, you were talking about your great sex life." The man leans over to the drunk, and whispers, "What did I say?" The drunk laughs and replies, "You said you knew all of your wife's tricks, like she likes the lights dim and music on, and you do it every night." So the man decides to go home to his apartmant, asking the guy next to him for directions. He gets there, and the door is unlocked. So the guy went in, and decided to put the lights dim and music on. He undresses and waits on the couch, then sees a figure come in, naked it seems. He is eagar, so he throws her down upon the bed, and pumps into her, and it seems like forever. Now the guy climaxes 3 times, and then reaches for the light. He sees an ugly old fat woman. "Damn you bitch, who the hell are you?" "I am Gracie." "Well am I married to you?" ("What the hell do they see in each other." he thought). "No, why would you think that?" "Ok. Good." The man thinks. "What are you doing in my house?" The man is pissed off. "What? This is my apartment." "Apartment 242?" "No apartment 424." She replies with a grin.

funniness: 5.71

rating: R