Mike M.

13. Star Wars I: "Star Trek, the Next Generation" kisses our Jedi ass. 12. Just Hand Over the Wallet, and Nobody Gets Hurt 11. Springtime for Vader 10. Episode I: Mr. Lucas Wants A Bigger Boat 9. Obi Wan, Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan, Obi Wan. 8. Your turn, Steven. 7. The Toys-R-Us Christmas '99 Catalog 6. Boba Fett's Not In It So Don't Even Ask, Fanboy!!!! 5. Titanic *THIS*, Jim Cameron! 4. Star Wars I (Harrison Ford Not Included) 3. Star Wars: Yoda Man! No, Yoda Man! 2. There's Something About Money 1. Come To Papa, You Geeks

funniness: 3.99

rating: PG