Gina W.

There was this little boy who wanted to take a shower with his mom. The mom said, "Okay just don't look down." So the boy did. "What's that?" he asked his mom. Mom said, "That's my garage." The next day dad was taking a shower and the boy wanted to take a shower with his dad. Dad told the boy not to look down. So the boy did. "What's that daddy," said the boy. "That's my limo," said the dad. That night the boy wanted to sleep with his parents, so the parents said, "Okay, just don't look under the covers." So the boy did. That morning the father woke up to his son sitting up in bed smiling. "What are you smiling about?" asked the father, who was curious to know. "My little red ferari beat your limo into mommy's garage!"

funniness: 6.35

rating: R