Kenny G.

A farmer had a brown cow and a white cow and thought that it was time for them to mate, so he broght a bull into their pen. He told his little boy to watch them and tell him if anything happened and went back into the house. A few minutes later the boy ran into the house screaming, "Daddy, daddy, the bull fucked the brown cow!" The boy then saw that his father was sitting and talking with the minister. The minister left a while later. The father, who was very embarrassed, told the son that next time he should say surprised, instead of any foul language. The next day the father told the son to watch the cows and tell him when the bull "surprises" the white cow. A little while later the boy ran into the house and saw the father again sitting with the minister. "Daddy, daddy, the bull surprizsed the white cow!" "That is very good, thank you," replied the father. "He fucked the brown one again!"

funniness: 5.80

rating: R