Jimmy L.

Note: this is not serious - SCV should have 101 hP - there should be an upgrade that let drone moves slower - infest terran should do 5 conclussive damage - Fire bats get a rocket launcher for air units and do 50 damage - spider mine should be able to dance around and confuse the enemy - battle cruise should have 30 cannons instead of one. - carrier should be able to crash into any buildings and incinerate it. - tassadar should be back - drop ship drop bombs, not units - Vultures can cast plague - Why did the chicken cross the road? - Ultras can dig a hole underground and sneak up on any unit by sticking it's blades out like a sunken. - there should be an ungrade that let zerglings teleport to anywhere in the map - hatchery should cost 1000 mineral + 1 gas - marines and firebats have to take bath otherwise units around him start dieing (like irridiate) - "nuclear launch detect" should appear just after the nuke hits - there should be an upgrade that allows zealots to attack, research at the arbitor tribunal, and requires fleet beacon and robotic support bay. - Apples should be blue - there should be a new templar and archon - EMP, Irradiate are both research at the sci Vessal and cast by the science facility - All protoss buildings must be built on the creep - All zerg buildings must be built near a pylon - Protoss and Zerg will be force to allied, and they say the United Nations are useless - probe --> advance buildings --> robotic support bay (requires robotic facility) observatory (requires robotic support bay) robotic facility (requires observatory) - lockdown will be useless against vultures, tanks, goliaths, wraiths, dropships, Science Vessals, Battlecruisers, SCVs, Carriers, Arbitors, Scouts, Shttles, Reavers, observers, Dragoon, and Probe. You can only use them against overloads and buildings. - a spell from the queen, it would target a unit, and it will eventually die off slowly, just like irradiate. Also, any other unit within 2 matrix of the infected unit will also be infected immediately, and will spread just like a virus until there's no more unit to infect. I'll call it the spell "Microsoft". - give medic the ability to heal "Microsoft" - Two archons make a ultrarchons and cost 8 psi - Two ultrarchons make invincarchon and cost 16 psi - Two invincarchons make a TooBigToFitInAShuttleArchon, and take 32 psi - Burrow ability research at the larvre, which constatly produce Hatcherys, which in turn morph into various warriers and minions - Three Hatcherys Max per larvre - Oh did I mention that Hatchery cost money? 1000 m + 1 g - you get 950 mineral + 1 gas back for zerglings. So a pair would still cost 50m - Guardian can morph into harvoclisk, but would require the EvenGreater Spire, morph from the Greater Spire - Consume will require 51 energy to cast - Infested Nexus. - Extractor/Assimilator/Refinery should now cost 100gas - Carriers get an upgrade, allow it to have 100,000 intecepters - Intercepters will deal 0 damage to all units and buildings, except for other intercepters. - Evolution Chamber becomes an addon to the Hatcher... I mean Larvre - Spawning pool, another addon to the Larvre - Hydralisk Den, an addon to the Spawning pool - Queens Nest, attach to the Hydralisk Den - Battlecrusers have a cloaking field, all units around it (Yes ALL) becomes cloak - Marine have a de-cloaking field, no units around it can cloak - Marine against Battlecruisers, Marine wins. Marines cloak (frpm the BC), BC doesn't(from the Marine). So BC can't shoot. - did I mention Science Vessal can't detect anymore? - You are still reading this. - Goliath fires nukes, ghost still launch nukes, but not fire them. - Tank, 10 conclusive damage - Ghost, 70 explosive damage - Dark Templar should have a mana bar, and takes 25 enegy to decloak, plus 1 per seconds after. - Invincidrone bug fixed!!!!! NOW Mutis can be invincible instead! - Max unit supply now goes to 200,000,000,000 - Comsat cost 201 mana to use - Comsat energy maxium reduce to 199 - An upgrade reseached at the Academy, allows +1 Comsat Station energy - Wraith should do 1000 ground damage - and .001 Air Damage - automatic features: "Newbie Detected" - lurker do 500 damage with a range of 56 matrix - Engineering bay now takes up 8*6 matrix instead of 4*3. Also increase the hit point to 2000. This will help cover other objects so no one can manually target them. - Shuttle should move slower than the Command Center in flight

funniness: 3.73

rating: G