Agent -.

1. He thinks PMS stands for "Please More Sex." 2. He thinks that only "men" should opperate a gun. 3. He thinks only "men" should have power tools. 4. He thinks that when other men call for you, you're having an affair. 5. He thinks you like to give blow jobs. 6. He thinks when you say "I'd like to go out for dinner tonght," you mean "I want you to make passionate love to me tonight." 7. He thinks all women should do is: clean, cook, and make babies. 8. He thinks whenever you're alone with each other, you should either kiss and/or have sex. 9. He thinks every girl owns and operates a dildo. 10. He thinks that since you're a girl you touch you breasts all the time and finger yourself whenever your alone.

funniness: 5.07

rating: R