Kenny G.

Three young ladies walk into a bar. One's a brunette, one's a red-head, and one's a blonde. The bartender asks the brunette, "What'll it be?" She answers, "I'll have an 'ML'." The bartender asks, "What's an ML?" "Duh...Miller Lite...Don't you know anything?" She says. She gets her beer and steps away. The red-head is then asked what she wants. "I'll have a 'BL'." "What in the world is a 'BL'?" asks the bartender. She blurts out, "Duuh...Bud Lite...Don't you know anything?" Feeling a little put down but not wanting to show it, the bartender gives her the drink and then asks the blonde, "Now what can I get for you?" The blonde answers, "I'll have a '15'." "Now I've heard it all," says the bartender, "What the heck is a 15?" "Duh," says the blonde. "It's seven and seven!"

funniness: 4.71

rating: G