Kevin K.

Now that we've got some beer in our belly, it's time for the ballad of Robocock and Nuetron Nelly. He had a job in the factory, he worked on the line, so the accident happened, it was on overtime. He got a bonner at midnight, tried to jerk off, but the forman was coming, he heard the dick cough. He tried to stuff it back into his pants, but the buzzsaw was humming, his dick stood no chance. Not only his cock, but his left fucking ball bounced off the floor as his sperm hit the wall. Now, the miracles of modern medicine are many, but they couldn't fix his cock, there just wasn't any. So, they got some steel, and they got some wire, and got some coals from a pig roasting fire. They used hydrolics to make it rise, and believe my ladies, they gave it some size. They pumped in some 1040, that steel shaft felt fine, a nurse that bent over soon heard that cock whined. He leaped on the bed and pumped that RN, he cornholed a doctor, and pumped her again. He did rhinos, girraffes, elephants too, to tell you the truth, he fucked the San Diego Zoo. On the CBS news they could tell he was hung as blew a fresh load into Connie Chungs lung. He's going to fuck us all was the general impression, so the U.N. security council held an emergency session. Theres one hope left said the delegate from China. Our scientists have created the ultimate vagina. She was a broken down hag when she crawled through the door, a festering crotch hole,with fungus galore. They riveted in a nuematic pump, and primed it with waste from a chemical dump. They curled up her hair and gave her a bath, and stragitically placed her in Robococks path. They found him in Alaska fucking Kodiak bears, his crotch was matted with old seal hairs. Two workers were injured, but now their just fine, they mistook his dick for the Alaskan pipeline. There stood these two horny fucking machines. He rolled back her cutlips like a can of sardines. He straddled her head so his asshole would face her, he cut loose a fart that melted a glacier. He fucked her from Nomb, all the way to Quebec, she said," if you keep it up, you might get me wet!" The whole earth shook, the orgasm was the global, the meltdown was worse than that day in Churnoble. So Jacques Coosto, might find in the ocean, two fucking machines in perpetual motion. For from that day forward, he was locked in her crack, cause once you go Robocock, you never go back!!

funniness: 6.13

rating: R