Kevin K.

(Sung to the Notre Dame fight song) Stand up and cheer for girls who give head, they'll bring back your limp dick right from the dead, they've got knee pads on their slits, and plenty of chapstick for their lips. Some like to cornhole, some like to screw, but I like the ones who will pump out my gew, spit or swallow I don't care, as long as her head is there. At the end of the month, most girls will agree, it's time for a little tonsole hockey, when your big balls slap her chin, you'll know that you can't get much more in. So stand up and cheer for the girls in the spa, the ones who suck cock, they know who they are. Later on when we're pumping gew, we'll know who they are too.

funniness: 5.49

rating: R