Eusebio G.

This newly wed couple went on their honeymoon. When they got to the hotel, the man began to undress. When he took his pants off, his knees were all knotty and twisted. His wife exclaimed "Oh, goodness, what happened to your knees?" He explained to her that his mother said he had a bad case of kneesles when he was a child. She said, "Don't you mean measles?" He said he was sure it was kneesles. Next, he took off his socks and his toes were crooked and turned and she asked what had happened to his toes. He again explained that his mother said he had a severe case of toelio as a child. She said he must mean polio and he said, no that it was definitely toelio. When he took off his underwear, his new wife rolled her eyes and exclaimed, "Don't tell me you had Small Cocks, too?!"

funniness: 7.25

rating: R