Jarad C.

One day, when Little Johnny came home from school, his father handed him $20 and told him to go to town to get his first woman. Johnny, noticibly excited, took his father's money and started on his way downtown. Halfway to town, where Johnny's grandmother lived, he noticed his grandmother sitting on her porch swing. Noticing Johnny, she asked him where he was going. "Well Grandmother, it's kinda personal," was his reply. "Son, I'm your grandmother, you can tell me anything," said his grandmother. "Well," Johnny said, "Dad gave me 20 dollars and told me to go to town to get my first woman." "Well, if you want to know about women, I've been around alot longer than your father, and I can answer any questions you might have, plus you will be able to keep the 20 dollars for yourself." Johnny thought about this for a minute, and agreed. He went inside his grandmother's house and, as gross as it might be, ended up having sex with his grandmother. After returning home, Johnny met his father sitting in the living room. His father commented, "Why are you home so early?" To which Johnny replied, "Well, I didn't have to go all the way to town, because I met grandmother at her house, and she said she could tell me anything I wanted to know about women." Johnny's father, thinking this over for a minute, became very angry. "BOY!, Did you have sex my momma??? "Why not," Johnny replied, "You have sex with mine all the time!!!"

funniness: 6.50

rating: R