James L.

One day, good news circulated around the testicle. Apparently, the host and his wife had been talking about having kids. Well, one young sperm decided that he would be the first one to the egg, so he immediately began a rigorous exercise program to get in prime condition for the upcoming race. He practiced for hours a day, and soon had broken the record for laps around the seminal vesicle. Then, one day it was time to line up for the big race to the egg. All the sperm lined up in the vas deferens, and the eager sperm forced his way to the front of the pack. The go ahead was given to start the race, and the marathon sperm shot far ahead of all the rest. The others had just lost sight of him when he suddenly turned around and started swimming upstream as fast as he could. As the others passed him they shouted "What's wrong?" "BLOW JOB!!!!"

funniness: 7.30

rating: R