Chris K.

This guy and his girlfriend and her father were all driving out just for fun, and all of a sudden his car breaks down. So the guy calls a tow truck, and they get a ride to the shop, and the mechanic says it will be ready in 2 days. Since they drove quite a ways from home they decided to get a hotel room just for the 2 days. At about 2:00 in the morning the girl woke up her boyfriend and said, "C'Mon baby fuck me!" And the guy said, "But your old man will hear us." The girl replied, "No he won't. He sleeps like a baby, watch." And she pulled the covers off of her father and took a hair from his ass and plucked it off. "See," she said, "he sleeps deeply." So they did it and the next night the same thing happened only the guy said, "I don't wanna take any chances this time, your pop could get pissed." And she said, "No, really watch." And took another hair off of his ass and said, "See he doesn't wake up." Then all of a sudden the father rolls over and said, "I don't mind you fuckin my daughter, but please stop plucking hairs out of my ass."

funniness: 7.28

rating: R