Zac C.

An attorney was asked to make a contribution to a worthwhile charity. His response was, "I guess you hadn't heard, my mother is suffering from a terminal illness and she has medical bills which far exceed her income. My brother is a disabled combat veteran. He is not only blind, but is in a wheelchair and he has to take ten different medicines a day. My sister is an only parent of three children since her husband died without life insurance. She has no college and scrubs floors for a living while moonlighting by taking in ironing. My wife is in a mental ward, and may never get out. My only child is in a drug rehabilitation program, but he left and no one can find him." Before he could get his breath and continue on, the fund raiser thought it wisest to end this and let the poor man alone. "You are correct, sir. I had no idea of your problems. Of course we can't expect you to make a contribution with so many demands already on your income." The attorney nods and replies, "Exactly. Why should I contribute to your organization when I don't even give to my own family?"

funniness: 5.47

rating: PG