Tom Hanks i.

There were 4 guys in an airplane, a dad, an 20 year old, a 14 year old, and a baby. The plane was crashing, but they only had three parachutes. So the dad said, "Well, I'm the dad, so I need a parachute." The 20 year old said, "Well, I'm the oldest son, so I need a parachute." And the 14 year old said, "Well, I've got a girlfriend, so I need a parachute." So they all jump off the airplane, leaving the baby to die. But when they got on the ground, the baby was lying there, safe and sound. "How did you get down here?" said the others. The baby said, "Me baby, me no jump, me hang on to daddy's rump. Daddy farts, me go ZOOOOOOOOOOOM! Dat's how me get down so soon."

funniness: 4.73

rating: PG