Matthew M.

Johny and his mom went shopping. Johny saw this fat lady and asid to his mom, "Mom look at that big fat lady over there! Look at the fat lady!" Mom got really mad at him and told him to not say that kind of stuff about people. They went into another store and the fat lady was there again. Johny said again, "Look mommy there's the fat lady again! Look at the big fat lady, mom!" This time his mom was furious and said, "You wont't say anything bad about anyone anymore will you?" "No." Said Johny. So they continued shoping. They saw the fat lady again and Johny didn't say anything. When they went to the cashier the fat lady was in front of them and her beeper went "Beep! Beep!" And Johny said, "Watch out mommy, she's backing up!"

funniness: 6.42

rating: PG