Jessi W.

A young boy was working in the garage with his dad. His dad ran out of screws and sent the boy with a quarter in to town to get a screw. The young boy had never been to town by himself and therefore did not know where to get a screw. The first place that came to his mind for a screw was the whorehouse. So the young boy walks into the whorehouse and asks the man at the counter for a screw. The man yells, "Ralph grease up the blonde." The young boy wants to know how much the blonde costs and the man says $500. "But sir," the boy says, "I don't have $500" "Ralph grease up the brunette," The man shouts Once again the boy finds out he cannot afford this girl either. "Ralph grease up the red head." "How much does the red head cost?" The boy asks "$100." The old man says. The boy says he does not have $100. The man asks how much the boy has "twenty-five cents." "Well," the old man replys, "We can deal with that, RALPH GREASE UP!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: R