Ben S.

Here in Alabama as kids we play in what they call sand boxes. In the Southern tip of Louisiana they have what you call mud boxes. There was a little boy and little girl playing in a mud box and the little boy was being a little boy playing with his goober. The little girl was not bothering anybody she was sitting there playing with a crawfish when all of a sudden she dropped the crawfish between her legs. The little boy had got bored and wanted to see what kind of goob the liitle girl had. He put his hand down between the girls legs and you can imagine what happened--YES the little boy's finger was just about taken off. The poor boy...this gave him a complex. All through grammar school, middle school, high school, he wouldn't have anything to do with a girl. He went to college and the last year there, he met this girl and after college they got married. They had been married now for about 6 months and the old boy came home to a crying wife. She said, "Honey sit down we need to talk. Am I ugly? Do you love me?" He said, "No your not ugly. And yes I love you. And why do you ask?" "Because we dated a year in college and have been married for six months and we have not made love." The guy said, "I am so sorry. Let me tell you a story about what happened to me when I was a kid." And he did. The woman started laughing and said, "Honey I promise I won't hurt you!" The guy said, "I'm sorry but if you can't love me for who I am then we need to split up." She said, "Just let me prove it!" So she stood up, took all her cloths off and went to the kitchen and got a piece of bread. She went back to her husband and said, "Watch." She started to put the bread down there when she farted! Her husband flew into the bedroom and locked the door. The wife beat on the door and pleaded for him to come out!! He replied, "Oh no I told you it would hurt me! If that sucker growls over a piece of bread, just imagine what it will do to a piece of MEAT!"

funniness: 7.50

rating: R