Zac C.

Jason said he was at an Irish pub. I wanted a Ham & Tomato toasted sandwich. After about 10 minutes the waitress came back and apologized. "We don't have Ham and Tomato toasted sandwiches but you can have the 'Special'." I asked what was in the Special. "Ham, Tomato, Cheese . . . " Chuck was shopping and saw the Hi-C candy canes. "I thought they'd taste good so I looked at the flavors." The box said there were four: Cherry, Orange, Lemon, and Green. Green??? Jenn says her husband worked with this guy at the high school. The guy wanted to measure the wall and he asked Mike (my husband) for some assistance. Mike said, "Why not use the yardstick over there?" The guy looked at Mike and, very serious, said, "I can't use that. The wall is longer than the yardstick." Michele's son (must be "son" day, huh?) was attending the Cub Scout meeting. One of the other parents there asked what was going to happen Thanksgiving week--was there going to be a meeting or not. The Scout Leader replied, (no kidding), "We'll just have to see what day Thanksgiving falls on this year." The "Birdman" said he and his son were at the grocery store when his son (about 9) asked him what "Oriole sex" was. I told him the store wasn't a proper place to talk about it, but I'd explain it to him on the way home. On the way, I decided to tell the truth and explain it fairly graphic and clinical. I thought I did pretty good until my son said, "Oh, you mean like a blow job, huh?"

funniness: 6.55

rating: PG