Shawn N.

Two men from West Virginia were very excited about a 3 day hunting trip. They were going to Canada to hunt some big game animals, since they were just used to hunting small deer, rabbit, and squirrel in West Virginia. The first day the game warden wished them luck cause it hadn't been a good season and no one had killed anything in two weeks. The two men left to go hunting and when they came back that night the warden greeted them by saying, "Have any luck?" The men pulled up a huge elk that they had killed which had a bullet hole right between the eyes. The warden congratulated them and said, "That was one hell of a shot." The next day the warden greeted the two men again before they left and again wished them luck. This night the men came back with a very big moose and the moose also had a bullet hole right between the eyes. The warden was amazed at their success and also the good aim the hunters had. The last day went about the same as the first two and on the last night the two hunters came back with a grizzly bear bigger than the two men put together. The bear also had a bullet hole right between the eyes but it also had a hole in each paw. The warden noticed this and questioned the two men how that happened. One of the hunters replied with, "That's where he tried to cover his eyes from the spot light."

funniness: 6.18

rating: PG