Chad B.

I shot an arrow in the air. Where did it land? Hey I don't care It's probably embedded into some old oak, But I'm not gonna go look for it, 'Cuz it's probably broke! Or maybe it's in someone's skull. For the sake of their family, I hope that arrow was dull! If it wasn't dull then I am screwed, For they will get a lawyer, And I will get sued! It's not my fault they walked into my arrow. It's not my problem it pierced their skin Lungs and bone marrow! But of course that's not what the jury will see. Someone will be guilty, And that someone is me! I'll spend my life sitting in jail, All alone, Rotting away, turning pale. And then I'll probably get the chair, Or lethal injection, And that's just not fair!!! And just when you thought it couldn't get worse, They will take my corpse For a ride in a hurse. Then I could end up being a ghost *Insert funny line here* And take on a human to be my host. Go out again and shoot an arrow. Whoops! Looks like I am in court tomorrow! When will this cycle ever end? What is the moral? Is broccoli your friend? So listen to me, and listen good: Don't shoot your arrows, Unless you know you should.

funniness: 4.29

rating: PG