Lisa R.

One sunny summer day a bunny rabbit was walking along the waters edge, when he saw an island. Straining his eyes, the bunny spies what looked like hundreds of thousands of carrot leaves. "Boy," thought the bunny, "if I could just get over to that island, I would be the happiest bunny in the world." Now bunnies hate water, but all those delicious carrots proved a huge temptation to our bunny, and he decided to try to get out to the island. Getting up all his courge, he took three running hops and PLOP!! landed right in the middle of the island. He had indeed seen carrot leaves from the shore and he thought: "I am the happiest bunny in the world!!" About a half hour later, a cat was walking on the shore and saw how happy the bunny was. Her eyes not being as good as the bunnies, didn't understand why the bunny was so happy. "Boy," she thought, "look how happy the bunny is, I bet if I could get over to the island, I would be just as happy!" Now, cats hate water more then rabbits but she was determined to get over to the island. Getting up all her courage she crouched and sprang and SPLASH!!! landed right in the water and drowned. The moral of this story is: Behind every satisfied Peter, is a wet Pussy.

funniness: 6.44

rating: R