David M.

There's a blonde in a bar, huge tits, an ass to die for...all round fuckin' babe. A group of guys across the bar see this fine lookin' lady and decide they are going to see if the "head hauncho" of the group can pick this chick up! So all the guys put $20 in the pot and send off this sorry bastard toward the blonde. He standing there, she smiles...he whispers a few sweet nothings in her ear, she laughs...he takes her by the hand, and she leaves with him. The guys can't believe it! So the guy and gal end up goin' back to his place. The guy has the largest fuckin' "chubb" on in the world...and before a fat bitch could finish eating a ding-dong...they're fucking like pigs! After about 2 minutes of barn yard banging, the guy jizzes all over the bitch an decides he's had enough and tells the blonde to roll over. After about 3 minutes of layin' around the blonde turns towards the guy and asks, "Do you have AIDS?" He says, "Fuck no!" And she replies, "PPPHHeeeEEEWWW!!! THANK GOD! I WOULDN'T WANTA CATCH THAT AGAIN..."

funniness: 7.11

rating: R