Sarah W.

Q. How do you paint a room red? A. Throw a baby at the fan. Q. How many babys does it take to wall paper a room? A. Depends how thinly you slice them. Q. Whats worse than spinning a baby on a clothes line? A. Stopping it with a baseball bat. Kid: Mum! Mum! I'm sick of walking in circles! Mother: Shut up! Or I'll put a nail in your other foot! Q. How do you make a baby drink? A. Put it in the blender. Cont.Q. How do you get it out? A. With a straw. Q. Why couldn't the baby crawl through the doorway? A. It had a spear through its head. Q. How do you make a white baby black? A. Put it in the microwave. Q. What sits in the corner and slowley disintegrates? A. A baby combing its hair with a potato pealer.

funniness: 3.45

rating: R