Fear Factory Boy Y.

The princess of a wealthy king has just turned 18 and the King is searching for a worthy suitor for her. He narrows his search down to three Princes' from other kingdoms in his country and makes a contest up for them. The three princes have to climb a 10 foot tall fence with barbwire at the top, swim through a mote filled with piranhas, and they have to take the secret surprise at the end of all this. So the three go to it and the first prince gets caught in the fence, the second prince drowns in the mote and gets eaten by the piranhas, the third goes though both things and gets to the secret surprise. The king says now the true challenge you have to fuck this cow. The guy hesitates at first but then is through. The king is surprised and asks the prince to do it one last time to prove to him he didn't cheat. When he's done the king says, "Now you have the rights to my daughter." The prince replies, "Fuck your daughter. I want the cow!"

funniness: 5.57

rating: R