Col A.

10 ways you can tell the difference between a hole and a cunt 1. If you touch it does it get moist 2. If you lick it does it taste nice 3. If you kiss it does it shudder 4. If you stroke it does it drip 5. If you stick a finger up it does it grow bigger 6. If you smell it does it smell like fish 7. If you stick multiple fingers up it does it make strungelated cries of pleasure 8. If you bang it does it feel tight 9. If you cumm in it do you cry for more 10. If you go again does it feel as good If any or all of these questions describe your current situation then you can safely say your in the vacinity of a cunt. SO SCREW YA BRAINS OUT!

funniness: 6.05

rating: R