Joe C.

A man walks in to the U.S. Patent Office with a sack of apples. "I'd like to patent these apples," he says to the patent clerk. The clerk tells him, "You can't patent apples, silly!" The man says, "But these are special apples. There are none like these in the world!" Curious, the clerk asks him if he can taste one of the apples. He reaches into his sack, pulls one out and gives it to the clerk, who promptly takes a bite. "Wow! This tastes just like a grapefruit!" The man smiles and says to the clerk, "turn it over." The clerk takes a bite out of the other side of the apple and exclaims "Man! That tastes just like an orange! What else do you have in there?" The man gives him another one and the clerk bites into it. "How do you do this? This one tastes just like a pear!" Says the clerk. "Turn it over", says the man again. "Holy Cow, this side tastes like watermelon!" Then the clerk leans in close to the man and whispers, "Hey buddy, do you have any apples in there that taste like pussy?" The man reaches into his sack again, pulls out another apple, and hands it to the clerk. After taking a bite, the clerk starts spitting the apple back out as fast as he can. "Hey jerk," yells the clerk, "This tastes just like shit!" The man smiles and says... "Turn it over!"

funniness: 7.37

rating: R