Rabih B.

In the Mexican army, there were these 3 soldiers who were required to prove their shooting skills. So their capitain started with the first one: "Pedro, show me what you can do!" "You see thees mosquito sir?" "Yes Pedro." WHAM! Pedro shoots it. "Veeeeery good Pedro, you pass." "Now Antonio, show me what you can do!" Antonio get an ace playing card out of his pocket and says: "You see thees card sir?" "Yes Antonio!" Antonio throws it up in the air and shoots right in the middle of the heart. "Veeeery good Antonio, you pass." "Now Enrico, show me what YOU can do." "You see thees fly sir?" "Yes Enrico!" And BOUM, Enrico shoots at it, but nothing happened! "But Enrico, eet's still flying!" "Yes sir, but eet can't fuck no more!"

funniness: 6.28

rating: R