John H.

One day a groom and his new bride were headed off to their honey moon cabin up in the mountains. The bride was a gorgeous creature with beautiful long golden hair, and a face a pure beauty. Everyone in the mountain resort marvelled at her beauty. The bellhop seemed to start having sexual fantasies about this woman and how wonderful it would be to make passionate love to her. Every morning when the bellhop started the day, he would look outside and see the groom in his boat fishing. This was a puzzling sight because of all the lost love making time the new groom must be missing and wishing that the bellhop himself could be with her when he was on the lake. This odd fishing ritual went on for a full week until the bellhop couldnt stand it anymore. He walked up to the groom and said, "Sir, I don't mean to be personal or anything, but you have been on your honeymoon for a week and spent your entire time fishing from dawn until dusk. Your wife is beautiful. Don't you and her believe in sex?" The groom turned to the bellhop and said, "No, we don't. She has gonorrhea." The bellhop couldn't believe it. He says, "What about oral sex?" The groom turns to him and says, "No, she has pyorrhea. You know trench mouth." By now the bellhop is gagging and says, "Well....what about (whispering) anal sex?" The groom turns and says, "No man, she has diarrhea." The bellhop totally loses it and says, "Then why did you marry her for god's sake?" The groom just smiles and says, "I love to fish, and she's got worms!"

funniness: 6.21

rating: R