Jimmy J.

One day a guy named Bill walked over to his friend George's house, who lived across the street from him, to see how he was doing (A couple of years ago George was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and Bill would visit him almost everyday to check up on him and his wife, Rose). As Bill was walking up the driveway he noticed George getting in his car with his wife. He asked him where they were going and George said, "We're going to the doctor's office so he can help me remember." Bill then asks, "How does the doctor help you remember?" George then replies, "By using word association." "Really! It sounds like the doctor knows what he doing. What's his name?" Bill asks. "Lets see now...green green....grass, grass...trees, trees...flowers, flowers, rose!! Thats it! Hey Rose whats the doctors name?"

funniness: 6.41

rating: PG