Rocker B.

Signs you are getting old: 1) You don't hold in your stomach when someone young and attractive walks in. 2) You can live without sex but not without glasses. 3) You love your crutch more than beer. 4) You brag about your new glasses.... 5) And your friends get jealous!! 6) You sing along with the elevator music. 7) You can't remember how old you are, not because you're forgetfull because the number is too long!! 8) When a pretty girl walks in, the first thing you ask yourself is: "Is she my granddaughter?" 9) You get punished when you swear, can only swear in front of your friends cuz they can't hear you!! 10) When you burp, you faint. 11) When you poop, you faint.

funniness: 5.57

rating: PG