Patrick Z.

An old guy wanted to go on a vacation, but he didn't have any money at all. One day while looking around the house for some cash, he found a magic lamp...when he rubbed it out came a genie! The genie said for freeing him from his lamp, he will give him 3 wishes. The old man's first wish was that he wanted $1,000,000...POOF! He had a $1,000,000. The second wish was that he had the coolest convertable in the world...POOF! He had the coolest convertable in the world. He said he'll tell the genie the third wish later. The genie was in the lamp in the backseat of the convertable while the old guy was driving to the beach. He turned on the radio...the old guy was so happy, he started singing to the tune on the radio... "I WISH I were an Oscar Meyer weinerrrrrr, the bestest weiner I can ever beeeeeee!" POOF!!!

funniness: 5.68

rating: PG