G V.

Once a pure whit virgin lived by the sea, She frolicked over pastrol fields her name Virginity. A sweet young thing of just sixteen, A rosebud ripe and firm. She wandered over the verdent hills Not knowing of the sperm. Well, Fuck the Giant Penis lived not far away, His cock was damn near two feet long, he poked one twice a day. He was an Ivy leager, with vest and pinstripped shirt, He drove a roadster XKE, that sexed up extrovert. One day while he was roaming around the rural strips, He spied her picking flowers there, That bitch with swinging hips. He jumped out of the driver's seat and grabbed her by her ass, He tore off all her clothing and laid her in the grass. Her maidenhead was busted, the ground ran bloody red, He poked her til the twilight came, than took her home to bed. He poked her til the sun rose, she begged for more and more, He turned that pure white Virgin into a scanky whore!

funniness: 6.38

rating: R