Matthew W.

Paddy was out of work but one day down at the pub he heard they needed workers in England to work on the roads. After signing up and doing a spot of shopping he goes home and says to his wife, "Mary, I've got a job but it's in England so I've gotta go away for six months." Mary is heart broken but understands that they have to feed the wee ones somehow, but as the tears rolled down Marys face, Paddy just stood there with a stupid grin on his face. "And why are ya grinin'?" Mary asked, "You know I'll miss ya so badly Paddy!" "Ah, lass not to worry, I've bought ya this here vibrator so ya won't miss me so bad!" "Oh, ya always thinking of me Paddy mi darlin!!" After six weeks on the roads in England Paddy rings home. "Mary lass!! how are ya!!" "Oh! fine Paddy! fine! fine!" "How are the wee ones Mary?" "All seven of em are fine! just fine!" "Well now Mary, tell me, how are ya getting on with da vibrator?" "Oh! great, fine, fine!--but--" "But what Mary?" "Well Paddy, it's great it really is. But its knocked six of ma teeth out."

funniness: 7.35

rating: R