Sheryl P.

A starving man has been walking through the woods for days. He has no food, and no shelter. As he is walking he comes upon an old house. Glad to finally see some civilization he runs to the door and raps on it loudly. An old man answers. The starving man asks the old man if he will give him shelter and food for the night. Saying that he will be gone in the morning. The old man agrees, saying that he can stay on one condition only. He must not go any where near his granddaughter. If he does, he will regret it greatly. The starving man agrees...after all, what kind of girl would live so far out in the woods? That night at the supper table the man and the granddaughter can't keep their eyes off each other. They decide to meet up later on. And when they do, it's like nothing either of them have ever experienced before. The next morning the man suddenly wakes up in his own room because he feels a heavy weight on his chest. He looks down and sees a rock sitting there. On it, it says "First Worst Torture Test Known to Man--Rock on Chest." The man laughs and thinks, is this all? This is going to be easy. So he gets out of bed, and throws the rock out the window. As the rock is hurtling toward the ground below he notice's another note stuck to the other side of the rock it reads "Second Worst Torture Test Known to Man--Rock Tied to Left Testicle." In a panic the man tries to reach for the rock, realizing that it is too far out the window to catch, he decides to jump out after it. On his way down, the man sees a third note taped to the side of the building, it reads "Third Worst Torture Test Known to Man--Right Testicle tied to bedpost."

funniness: 7.70

rating: R