Mr F.

Instructions: tell this joke to friends while they are at a bar with you A Jew, a porn star, and a sailor were in a bar. The Jew said to the porn star, "would you mind passing me the peanuts." The porn star did. A few minutes later the sailor asked the porn star to pass him the peanuts. The porn star did. Then the bartender brought their food out. The waiter accidentaly gave the Jew's and the sailor's food to the porn star, along with his own. The Jew and the sailor didn't notice till after the bartender left, so they asked the porn star to give him their food. The porn star replied, "Well, sailor, I already got your cucumber up my bun. And, Jew, I already got your manna and marzipan down my pants. And to top it off, I'm sick of giving you my nuts." Afterward to joke: then turn to your friends and pull a cucumber out of your pants.

funniness: 3.39

rating: R