Stephen R.

A boy walked up to his grandpa and asked him, "Grandpa, can you talk like a frog?" The grandpa didn't know what to say. The boy's sister went up to grandpa and asked him the same question. This time grandpa finally replied and asked, "Why do you ask such a silly question?" The kids looked at each other and whispered a little bit and they agreed and said "'Cause daddy said 'When gramps croaks we can go to Disney Land.'" Just then grandpa made a croaking sound and went into cardiac arrest. The kids didn't know what happened, but they started cheering, "We're going to Disney Land! We're going to Disney-land!" The kids' mom came out and asked, "What is all the ru...Oh my God! AAAAAAAA!!!" Then the boy said, "Mom, Disney Land doesn't cost that much."

funniness: 4.16

rating: PG