Randy A.

A man goes to the doctor to see him about ways to increase the size of his penis. The doctor asks him to drop his pants for an examination. After a brief chuckle, the doctor offers a radical new procedure: Doctor: "Oh my, I can see why you chose to see me." Man: "Yes, yes. Is there anything you can do?" Doctor: "Well a radical new procedure is being tried. It has a modest success rate." Man: "Well what is it?" Doctor: "It involves grafting the trunk of a baby elephant onto the end of your penis." Man: "Wow! I'll give it a try!" Several weeks after his recovery, the man is at a dinner party with friends when something unexpected occurs. While having their meal at the table, the guests are astonished to see the man's penis unzip his pants and start exploring the table. After locating a dinner roll, it grabs the roll and takes it back into his pants. After a few seconds of quite amazement... Guests: "Can you do that again?!" Man: "Yeah, but I don't think my ass can take another dinner roll!"

funniness: 7.37

rating: R