Matthew N.

As everyone knows, farmers NEVER go to hell since they are the caretakers of the Earth. Unfortunately though, an error occurred and Satan found himself with a new dilemma: what to do with the farmer? Satan decided that he would treat the farmer as he treats the rest of his workers, and make him work in the fields. The temperature in hell was 85 degrees with a humidity of 75%. All the workers were complaining about the heat and the humidity, but not the farmer. The farmer was sitting there with a happy expression on his face and whistling a favorite hymn. This made Satan irate, and Satan went to the farmer and asked, "why are you not complaining like the rest of the workers?" The farmer responded in delight, "these conditions remind me of when I was a lad and I was working in the fields in June with my daddy back in Iowa." In a rage, Satan decided to turn the temperature up to 100 degrees, and have the humidity at 90%! The rest of the workers were swearing up a storm and the farmer continued to whistle his favorite hymn. Satan, more furious than ever now went up and demanded the farmer to tell him why he was still joyful. The farmer replied, "Well, this reminds me of a late day in August bailing hay with my boys back on our farm in Iowa." Satan was stumped. He was so mad, but he did not know what to do. Then the thought came to Satan. Satan decided to turn the temperature down to five degrees. The temperature made the workers shiver in anger. Not the farmer though. The farmer was screaming and dancing; he even did a cart wheel. Satan, in anger screamed at the old man and said, "how can you still be so happy even when it is so miserable here?" The farmer responded, "Well, hell just froze over, you know what that means?" "The Cyclones just beat the Hawkeyes!"

funniness: 6.95

rating: PG