David K.

Billy is not doing well in school, so one day, his teacher tells him to go home and write down everything that his family says to him. So he goes home to his mother, who just happened to be on the phone. "Mom, give me a word." "Shutup," she replied. So he wrote that down. Then he went to his brother, who was watching TV, and he yelled, "Superman!" So Billy wrote that down. Then he went to the backyard, where his dad was cooking hot dogs. His dad exclaimed, "Ooh, hot buns." And Billy wrote that down. And then he went to his sister, who was listening to the radio, and she said, "Ya ya ya." And finally, Billy went to his little sister, and she was watching Sesame Street. And she said, "Down in Sesame Street." So the next day, Billy's teacher asked for his homework "Shutup." "Who do you think you are?" "Superman!" "Who do you think I am?" "Hot buns!" "Do you want to go to the principal's office?" "Ya ya ya." (Down in the principal's office) "Where do you live?" "Down in Sesame Street."

funniness: 4.71

rating: G