Marco F.

When Mr. Clyde had his third child, he decided to go into a vasectomy surgery. After feeling more confident, he finally contacted the doctor and scheduled the operation. On the day of the operation, Mr. Clyde already sedated, the doctor began by cutting his bag. All of a sudden, the nurse saw that Mr. Clyde's left egg had dropped on the floor. She tried to warn the doctor, but before he saw it, he accidentally stepped on it. They were deciding what to do when someone brought the idea: they would put the heart of an onion in the place. It would fit perfectly and have the same texture. Besides that, the surgery was a success. However, after a few weeks, Mr. Clyde went back to the doctor's office, complaining: "Doctor, I really don't know what you did to me, but I'm having problems since the operation. Every time I take a leak, my eyes water; every time I cum I have a heartburn; and every time I pass by a Burger King I get a hard-on!!!"

funniness: 6.27

rating: R