Gary S.

Monica was entering her favorite downtown watering hole after a day in the office of press secretary Dick Gephardt. As she checked for scuff markes in her pressed slacks she approached the bar. Ha, whataya know sitting there sipping on some tap beer was Paula. She could't resist, so she made her presence be known. After an hour or so they became quite comfortable with each other and the sex questions poured like the cheap beer they were drinking that happy hour. Monica looked at Paula with a half squint from her left eye and asked with a shiteating grin..."So Paula, tell me honestly. Did you ever reach climax with Billy?" Paula nearly squirming off her bar throne couldn't help but give the utmost truth, knowing if she lied...(well thats another joke) Paula replied as she let a little gas from the last gulp of beer, "Well honey it was close but no cigar!"

funniness: 4.64

rating: R