Jeff M.

There was this small church country preacher who was known to take a swig or two of alcohol. One Sunday, he preached about Jesus turning water into wine. One of the members of the audience was a policeman. Later that week, that very policeman saw the preacher swerving in and out of his lane on the highway. The officer pulls him over and asks him if he has been drinking lately. The preacher guy says, "Nah. I ain't bin drinkin'." The policeman then spots a bottle in the back seat of his car. The policeman asks the preacher, "What do you got in that bottle?" The preacher replies, "Oh that's jest water." The policeman then grabs the bottle, sips it and says, "Jeez man that's some strong stuff!" The preacher then says, "Damnit, God you proved your point a long time ago!"

funniness: 4.76

rating: PG