Chris T.

Name and Location: I'm 4'3 and 567lbs. I live in jamaica. My name is, hold on "mommy what's my name?" Oh well she can't hear me, she is blind. I'll go ask Chris "Chris what is my name?" Oh yeah, he is not here. Hobbies and Interests: my hobbies are stealing old people's tupae(how ever you spell that fake hair peice) Chris's house still reeks of monkey. Boy I never thought a burned monkey smelled so bad. ohh, by the way, chris sold me two monkeys for $10.00, what a deal. They aren't moving right now but Chris told me that's because thier hibernating. they are offly cold. "Chris, spit on the train not in my eye, you got to work on your aim, watch me" "Hey kid you just spit on my new suit" Oops, I better get out of here. I bought a dirt bike today for $.99. It was alot of fun. But it has no motor. I push it up the hill and down the hill. It's just so much fun, well until it fell apart. I was sitting on it in my front yard. The wheels fell off and I hurt my genitels. Then I kicked the pile of trash and broke my toes. I went to the doctor. The nurse thought I had hemeriods so she stuck this metal thing in my butt. Never had that feeling before. Then I told her my toes are broken. She gave me crutches. I wasn't supposed to wear a shoe on my foot she said. so I went to school the next day without a shoe. Then I stepped in a pile of dung. smelly dung. My teacher didn't like the smell so she kicked me in the genitels. then on my way home I was hit by a car. It was a cheap toyota. I should know because when the car hit me the toyota symbol was inprinted into my genitels. Then I got up and punched the driver in the genitels. I had to go to the hospital again and the nurse put the metal thing in my butt again. I have to go wake up my monkeys bye.

funniness: 3.94

rating: G