Rick S.

One day this guy with one eye wearing a patch buys a parrot. He takes the parrot home in his cage and the first thing the parrot says is "Fuck you, you one eyed fucker." The guy takes the parrot out of his cage and puts him in the fridge for 5 minutes to cool him off. He puts the parrot back in the cage and the parrot says, "Fuck you, you one eyed fucker." The guy gets pretty angry and puts the parrot in the fridge for half hour. When he finally takes the parrot out and puts him in his cage, the parrot says, "Ffuck you, yyou one eyed ffucker." The guy is mad as hell! He takes the parrot and puts him in the deep freezer, over night. When the guy gets up in the morning, he goes to the freezer and opens it. The parrot is frozen stiff. But he has one wing over one eye and the other wing flipping him the finger (feather)!

funniness: 5.58

rating: R