Magster T.

101. Leave your room and lock the door. Proceed to bang on the door screaming, "Let me in. Let me in." Get mad at your room-mate for locking you out. 102. Talk on the phone a lot. Don't pick up the receiver. 103. Talk to your room-mate but don't let any sound come out. Get mad at him/her for not listening to you. 104. Ask your room-mate if Bob, your invisible friend, can stay the night. 105. Ask your room-mate if he/she can turn down the music; Bob has a headache. 106. Start a brothel. 107. Constantly slip and fall -- on your carpet. 108. Post a sign in your bathroom that reads: "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down." Check every time to make sure he/she follows it. 109. Invite the Dean to sleep over. 110. Invite the school President to sleep over. 111. Invite your room-mate to sleep over. 112. Let your alarm clock go off and refuse to turn it off. If your room-mate comments, pretend not to hear anything. 113. Walk into walls. 114. Leave little notes in the shower for him/her. 115. Every time you take a shower, yell audibly, "I'm melting, I'm melting!" 116. When your room-mate has friends over, get under your covers and stare at them through a little hole in the covers. Use a telescope. 117. When you leave the room, put on a screen saver that says, "I'm watching you." 118. Make a care package for your room-mate. Leave the room and ride back and forth outside your window saying, "Speedy Delivery!" until he/she comes out. 119. Move very stiffly and grin. Tell your room-mate that you've turned into Gumby. 120. Open a can of HIS beans or spaghetti, empty it into his bed and then replace the can in his cupboard. 121. Crumble a few packs of crisps into his bed.....they take ages to clear off again. 122. Replace the fuses in his electrical equipment with a lower rating (useful, as my house mate can't wire a plug up). 123. Move all of his furniture outside. 124. Eat jewellery. Accessorize food. 125. Smash your room-mate's favourite cassettes and wrap the tape around your naked body, running around the apartment screaming "Fly, be Free! Fly, be Free!" 126. Watch TV at least 15 hours a day. Before doing so, turn the set around so it faces the wall. Watch the back of it. 127. Invite your roomie to play catch out in the yard. Every time you catch the ball, catch it near your head. Fall to the ground screaming. 128. Frantically scribble something on paper. When finished, eat it. Start again. 129. Complain about your menstrual cramps. Loudly. This works best, of course, if you happen to be male. 130. Make some rice for dinner. Pause suddenly, spit out a mouthful and scream "Maggots! Maggots!" Blame your roommate. When done, make more rice and finish eating. 131. Try to convince your room-mate that you are indeed Louis XVI of France. Every time he grabs a knife or cuts something scream in terror and go running out of the apartment clutching your neck. 132. Pretend you are Jan Brady. (Marsha Marsha Marsha!) 133. When talking to him/her, alternate between being exceedingly polite and God awfully rude every sentence. 134. Take all of your room-mate's furniture and build a fort. Guard the fort for an entire weekend.

funniness: 7.14

rating: PG