Caleb H.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 186 =-------------------------------------- A similar variation: <Arrow pointing to roll of toilet paper> Arts Degree, take one. <Another arrow pointing to the roll> Yeah, but at least you can wipe your ass with this. -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 187 =-------------------------------------- Seen in Northern Wisconsin at a bar that had a bad water well: If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down. -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 188 =-------------------------------------- Above the urinal in a gym: Stand closer, the next person may be barefoot. -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 189 =-------------------------------------- The length of the pole should be directly proportional to the depth of the hole! -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 190 =-------------------------------------- If your hose is too short, Or your pump is too weak, You'd better stand close, Or you'll piss on your feet! -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 191 =-------------------------------------- One person actually fell for this one, and burst out laughing in the stall. Good thing he wasn't at work. It's more of a visual gag. He was sitting in a stall in the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, taking care of business, when he noticed some writing very far down on the wall, almost to the floor, in very small print. He leaned way, way over, peering closely, and as the blood was rushing to my head, read, "You are now sh*tting upside down." -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 192 =-------------------------------------- Seen in a National Forest Service campground outhouse in Colorado. This was in an area that is notorious for the number of Texans that overrun the vicinity. Over the seat was an arrow pointing down, and it had the message: "Subway to Texas: Take it!" -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 193 =-------------------------------------- Sung to the tune of "Don't get around much anymore" Missed the toilet last night Shit all over the floor Wiped it up with my toothbrush Don't brush my teeth much anymore -= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 194 =-------------------------------------- Seen in a mens restroom: I was fooling around with my girlfriend at her place and she asked me to kiss her where it I brought her here.

funniness: 6.37

rating: R