Caleb H.

A Whole Nude World by Caleb Harrelson Sung to the theme of Aladdin (A whole new world) !Aladdin! I can show you my penis, Big and sparkling and splendid, I can make it extended On my magic mattress ride. I can open your thighs, Rock your body like thunder, Over, sideways, and under On my magic mattress ride. A whole nude world, A new fantastic way to screw, Everyone tells me "no," I need a blow, So I can start my screaming. !Jasmine! A whole nude world, My sizzling space you never knew, But when you're way down there, Engrossed in hair, Now I'm in a whole nude world with you. !Aladdin! Now I'm in a whole nude world with you. !Jasmine! Unbelievable size, Indescribable squealing, Leaning, bending, and kneeling At my moist and gaping thighs. A whole nude world !Aladdin! Don't you dare close your thighs !Jasmine! A hundred thousand sperm in me !Aladdin! Hold your breath-- it gets better !Jasmine! I'm like a shooting star, I've come so far, I can't go back to my virginity. !Aladdin! A whole nude world !Jasmine! Every thrust of your thighs !Aladdin! With new positions we can screw !Jasmine! Every moment gets wetter !Both! I'll lick you anywhere, Hey, I don't care, Let me share this whole nude world with you. !Aladdin! A whole nude world !Jasmine! A whole nude world !Aladdin! That's where we'll be !Jasmine! That's where we'll be !Aladdin! A thrilling taste !Jasmine! Of my hot place !Both! To you from me.

funniness: 6.98

rating: PG-13